Rest day today, Volunteering tomorrow

Unless something amazing happens in the next 30 minutes, it looks like today is going to be a rest day. My priority of the day was a play date for my daughter and giving her some good quality time that she really deserved. But I am okay with the rest and if I wasn't I would have pushed myself to do the 3 miles slated for today.

Last night my legs just felt tired and they had every right to be. In the past three days, they have given me 25 wonderful miles so why not give them a break?

Tomorrow I will run, either before or after the Weight Watcher's 5K walk. Tomorrow my daughter and I are giving back to the community and volunteering at the walk and will be directing the walkers and cheering them on. I felt compelled to do this for three reasons:
  1. Someone at VIRR asked for help and I support and am a member of that running community so obviously, I wanted to say yes.
  2. I want to volunteer as a sign of thanks to all those volunteers that make the runs I participate happen.
  3. I have a good friend in Texas doing the same walk tomorrow and this just seemed right.


  1. It is always great to give back to the community - have fun at the 5K helping out.

  2. It truly was a joy to give back and see others relish in their own personal accomplishments. It is the least I can do and what makes it better is that my daughter was a good part of it and made sure everyone knew to turn! It is moments like these that makes me so happy to be a running mom sharing my passion with my little angel.


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