Reebok RealFlex Revisited

There seems to be a lot of hype about the Nike Free Run vs. the Reebok RealFlex. I wasn't aware of this when I pondered my decision weeks ago to purchase a pair of RealFlex.

I have been running in my Reebok RealFlex for over two weeks and feel it is a great time to post a re-analysis. See my first running shoe comparison HERE.

I have run indoors on a treadmill and outdoors on track and ground with my Reebok RealFlex distances ranging from 1 miles to 14 miles. The bulk of my runs have been in the mid-range. I am completely happy with my new running shoes. They are comfortable and the ties stay firmly in place. I love how lightweight and flexible they are. I have read arguments that they aren't a real minimalist shoe and for me, that is fine. I wanted a lightweight flexible running shoe that performed like my Nike Free Run. I made the switch to the Reebok RealFlex but I wanted to test to see if the perceived support I felt when trying on this shoe would prevent ongoing stress on my piriformis muscle. It is too early to ascertain if the shoe is successful in that regard.

One positive is that so far the RealFlex doesn't seem to hold onto stones like the Free Runs did. It always bugged me when a stone wedged in under the ball of my foot during a run. The only thing I can say that isn't completely positive is I have to be careful with my lace up. With my Nike Free Run I always had to lace tightly and firmly. With the Reebok RealFlex I don't need to apply the same concept to the final pull at the top of the tongue. If I do, it is too tight on the top of my foot near my ankle. If I remember to pull normal here and lace, I am good to go and as I said previously, the ties stay in place and the shoe fits perfectly.

I look forward to putting another 58+ miles on these and my first race in them is next weekend.

Do you run in either of these shoes? If so, post your vote on which you prefer - Nike Free Run or Reebok RealFlex.


  1. Thanks for the review! I tried on both of these shoes today, and I also loved the realflex...it seemed to have more cushion than the free run, although they were both comfortable! The only reason that I did not purchase was because they did not have the color that I wanted in stock, so I thought I might order them customized. I currently run in my Asics or Brooks, but hadn't been entirely pleased with them. Thanks again.

  2. You are very welcome Cynthia! Good luck in selecting the shoe for you. Everyone is different and there are so many choices!


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