Reebok RealFlex - Performance in their first 10K Race

Running is all about the shoes. Sure, physical fitness and mental toughness come into play but without a good pair of running shoes, success may not truly be achievable.

Have I found my perfect pair? I am not sure. Perhaps it is the scientist in me that is always testing. Perhaps it is my inner drive to always improve and find better answers, better solutions, better strategies, better running shoes. It is that inner drive that pushes me to run so why discount it as a drive to find the perfect pair of running shoes?

Currently I am training in Reebok RealFlex, a switch from Nike Free Run. Am I happy? So far, so good. I ran my first 10K race in them recently. Click HERE to read more about that. They did me well on the grassy start and the pavement. Only at one time did I get a rock stuck in them that I couldn't dislodge with my running tricks to get rid of a stone. I stopped very briefly, knocked out the stone, and kept running. But please don't ask the size of the pesky stone. I didn't pause long enough to investigate that far!

Running with Dora
I am not completely sold on these shoes yet. What would be the final selling point? The disappearance of the pesky left piriformis tightness that plagues me. Is it getting worse? No, and that is a good sign on behalf of the shoes. Is it getting better? I would say yes, another good sign on behalf of the shoes. But please note I am also being diligent with stretching, some strength training pilates style, and foam rolling. However, I am also getting less professional massages (a budgetary reason) and so far, I am not paying the physical price for diverting those funds to school shoes and supplies for my darling daughter. And who can regret the huge smile your daughter gives you when she gets some new Dora running shoes (yes, she calls them running shoes) and Dora socks!

But for good running shoes...I still hope to find the perfect pair for me and perhaps I have. But oh how I wish there was a true running store on island that I could go into for a fitting and advice!

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  1. It's so important to find the right shoes for you - but it's not easy! Love the Dora shoes, I think my daughter would love them too!


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