Pyramid Run

My goal today was 6 miles and I was going to run my 6 miles, no matter what! Sometimes, running really is the first priority of the day.

My running plan was a pyramid with each stage being equal in time duration but increasing in intensity as I moved up the pyramid and then decreasing on the way down. The overall look was Yes, I did double the 2's and 1's on my way back down to add in some extra distance and my final 1 had a little extra time added to it to round out my 6 miles.

My Est. Cals Burned
Was it a good plan? Oh yeah! I was huffing and puffing at the top of my pyramid barely able to answer my daughter's questions. She is notorious for asking questions at those tough times and never picks the yes or no questions. I did catch my breath on the decline but have to confess, I was puffing again for the final mile or so. PERFECT! I am a firm believer in pushing your limits at times and if you always run at an easy to moderate rate of perceived exertion than you are cheating yourself. And running at an incline really racks up the calories burned!

My mental state: Good but challenged. I was fully motivated to do the run but my darling daughter is not feeling well and her patience level is low and her whining level a bit high. Does this mean I should have stopped? No. I did alter my first two plans to meet her needs. I didn't go elsewhere to run in the wee hours in the morning so she could wake up to me. I didn't take her out in the jogging stroller so she could be in the comfort of our home. And honestly, sometimes it is best for the whole family if mommy runs.

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