Pro-Form XT 70 Treadmill - Product Review

Just after Christmas my husband treated me to my own personal treadmill. After 4 months I am still loving the flexibility of having a treadmill at home. I am able to get my workouts in and get more sleep! Two pluses for a running mom.

So what do I really think of my treadmill now?

The Pro-Form XT 70 treadmill is an adjustable incline treadmill that allows you to position the track at 10% or 20%. I carefully reviewed my options in stock at my local Sports Authority store prior to making my purchase and this one ended up being the winner partly because I liked the warranty on the motor. It is a basic treadmill without too many additional bells and whistles and yes, you can get some really fancy treadmills these days.

Functionalities of the treadmill:
  • You can easily change between a 10% or 20% incline. I stay at the 10% level but do see how I could do speed walking at a greater incline on days I need to do something entirely different.
  • You can adjust the resistance of the shocks. I keep it at the firmest (24) due to my running goals but I can see how people would want to change this around to change the feel of their workout.
  • You can select workout schedules and each schedule will direct you in the incline, shock level, etc. I haven't ventured into this realm yet.
  • You can attach your iPod to the treadmill sound system. This is cool but the speaker output is low and music seems quiet behind the pounding of your feet.
  • You can easily jump between speed levels by hitting 4, 5, 6, 7, etc. The salesman promoted this as a selling point and it made no impact on my decision making process. It was something I never used on the gym treadmill (because it wasn't an option). However, I am loving it now for sprint work. 
  • It folds up relatively easily for space saving. Ironically, this was an initial selling point for me. I didn't want a treadmill that didn't fold up and only considered those that did. However, right before I made my purchase I realized I would never use that function where my treadmill would need to be. The idea of my daughter being able to play around a folded up treadmill and a mechanical mishap made me cringe!
  • You need a "key" to start the treadmill, which is easily removed. I actually keep it in one of the drink cupholders (another plus). My daughter knows the treadmill isn't a toy and respects it but it is an added sense of security that it won't accidentally be turned on.
  • It is iFit live compatible. I really think one day I may explore this functionality but haven't yet.
  • It is relatively quiet.

How do I like the treadmill now? I am quite happy. For those not willing or able to focus on incline training, this isn't the treadmill for you since you can never run at less than a 10% grade. My major stumbling block was getting used to my different tolerance of this treadmill versus those at the gym. When I did my first run on this I was routinely running an hour or more on the gym treadmill. I honestly felt wiped out after 20 minutes on my new treadmill and that really hurt the ego....trust me! However, I am now running for an hour at more at times and feel it has positively impacted my hill running capabilities. The one thing I do miss it its functionalilties is pre-set/customized intervals (although I should really explore the workouts more).

Would I buy it again? Yes and no. I purchased it at a really good sale price and it does fulfill my training needs so yes, under those circumstances I would buy it again. However, I do see the merit in having a treadmill that has more versatility in the incline adjustments. No treadmill will last a runner their entire life, although that would be sweet, so I can't say what the future has in store for me.

Was it a good investment? Absolutely! The emotional and stress relief I have by being able to workout at home is awesome! Plus, I can eliminate gym dues from my budget altough come July I may miss being able to go to the gym. No home treadmill can replace the motivation and support you get from working out with others especially at a gym with really good staff who notices if you are "slacking".


  1. Hello! I just got this Pro Form xt70 as a gift for my birthday. I'm used to running on a treadmill at about a 9 1/2 minute mile for about 3 miles. I very rarely can run outdoors due to the impact on my knee. My first few minutes on this new incline trainer, I had to walk. I ended up doing interval training for my 30 minute workout. I'm a pretty novice runner, so I was looking online for some workout routines that could build me back up to running for 3 miles straight. It seemed impossible last night, though, on this new incline trainer. Unless I am able to work towards a longer 3 mile run, I don't think I can abandon my gym membership. I'll always want a longer run at least once or twice a week. Any advice would be much appreciated!

  2. My main piece of advice would be not to focus too much on pace on this treadmill. It will discourage you. It is a great workout and it is hard. But that is good and still helps give your body what it needs. I do still do my longer runs outdoors just because of the timing element and marathon training. And I still have my gym membership for the added support and motivation.

    My workout advice would be do intervals. Pick your easy pace and do that....even if it is walking. Keep the treadmill set at 10%. I have never gone to 20% and if you do, I am pretty sure they want you to only walk at this incline. Then do short bursts at a higher pace. I love that you can easily switch between 3, 4, 5, etc. miles per hour. It really helps with the intervals.

    Good luck and stay in touch!

  3. Hi,

    I have this treadmill, however not certain if it can be folded. Is this true?

    1. Yes, I can be folded up. I just never do it. It was a necessity when I bought it for space reasons but in all reality, I then envisioned it falling down on my little run. Better to just keep it in place for use for me.

  4. I have the incline trainer. I can't get the incline to adjust. I think it is stuck on 20%. How can I adjust it and how do I know what it is set on?

    1. I was able to adjust the platform from the base near the upright stand. If you can't lift it higher it is on 20% otherwise lower it to get it to 10%. It wasn't the easiest process but doable. I much prefer my adjustable treadmill I now own.

  5. How can it be folded?

    1. I cannot remember with 100% accuracy but believe there was a lever underneath that helped me lift the platform and then a peg that went into the side of the track frame when it was lifted.


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