The Power Within - Running Lessons Applied to Life

I am on the verge of doing something new and the idea puts butterflies in my stomach.

As I reflect I realize the drive and skills I need are already in place. Years ago I wanted to run a 5K. I trained and I ran. Success! Then I thought, hey, I am good at running and started running more and longer distances. I enjoyed every step of the way.

When I got pregnant and had my daughter I fell off the running wagon but had the drive to get back on. Success! I am running again. My next ambition was to run the Turkey Trot. I hadn't really been training at that distance for awhile but once again, I did it....success! My next dream was to run a half marathon and once again, success! Currently I am fully engaged in a training plan for running a marathon and I truly do envision success at the end of that journey.

So why is it when I desire something outside of the running realm I get nervous to take action and do what is necessary? Shouldn't the same principles I apply to running apply to all goals and ambitions? The only difference I see is that some of those "other" goals in life are dependent on the responses of others and that is really out of my control. When I run, I run. I take sole responsibility for myself but is that necessarily true? Would runners be as successful without the love and support of family, friends, and volunteers? Would we be as successful at races without those lovely water/Gatorade support points? Yes, I do realize we could carry all that we need but it is nice to have a support system in place and you must agree, some runners do rely solely on that support.

My challenge for myself and others today is for us all to recognize that we each have the power within ourselves to accomplish great things. We will indeed all succeed. Perhaps each dream and goal will not be fully realized but I don't view that as a failure. Not dreaming and not setting goals is a failure. If you have achieved all you have dreamed and have reached all your goals, have you stopped dreaming and setting new goals for yourself? I think yes.

Keep dreaming and run strong!

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