Oh, the Joy of Running!

Today I had a goal of running 5 miles and I achieved it. I needed a successful training run after the obstacles of the week and not only was the training a success by happening, the run was fantastic!

I did a pyramid style run in the middle of a brief warm-up and cool-down. My steps were 1:2:3:4:3:2:1 and I enjoyed every bit of it. My daughter was a delight and kept herself happy and occupied with a little snack (2 large marshmallows), some coloring, looking through photo books (and she gave me a commentary on my two running albums), and some TV (Ramona and Beezus).

Some may think running on a treadmill with a TV on is great but for me, often I find it annoying and just ignore the television. However, you can't help getting a couple of glimpses here and there. There was one scene today in the movie of a water fight with water hoses, watering cans, and water guns occurring over the fence. How can that not add to the pleasure of a run?

And my Nike+ issue from yesterday....resolved......although through a long route of frustration. I purchased a new receiver and it made no difference (okay, now the running mom is getting frustrated). Next step, a completely unresponsive iPod. So I went to get online and had no connection and had to work my magic there but found out how to "reset" an unresponsive iPod. Score 1! iPod responding and receiver is recognized. Okay, so now the computer couldn't recognize the iPod so after updating my iTunes all is good to go! Note to self....next time my receiver isn't recognized, remember the secret menu and center button trick to at least get that part of my technological life in order. Very important tip if this were to ever happen on a race day! So perhaps my "bad" day yesterday was really a good technology training day for the running mom who loves her gizmo's!

Finally, all was not lost with going to the sports store two times (to buy and return an receiver that wasn't needed). I have the new running skirt I have been dying to try! Okay, I am 99.9% sure it is the Nike Pacer I have been looking at online; however, the tags never say the model name. Go figure! But it has all the same design elements: side pocket for MP3 player (on the inside by the way), back zipper pocket at waist, mesh vented sides (quite comfortable), and boy shorts underneath (once again, quite comfortable). I ran in it today and LOVE IT!

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  1. Yay for running 5 miles! I like runs where you change the effort as you go. Looks like a great running skirt. Pockets are the best! I just bought a great new running skirt, too!


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