Maui Marathon - T minus 4 months

Just over 4 months to the Maui Marathon and I am committed to my training. April was another good month; however, a fierce stomach flu early in the month did impact my training and perhaps my performance in my race....although I can't say that with certainty. My weekly run average was down to 3.4 runs per week but I was out of commission for almost a week. Surprisingly, I still had a good monthly total of miles that is comparable to March...78.14 miles logged and I am now in the blue level with my Nike+! I completed one half marathon race (click HERE to read more)and ran another half marathon plus long run distance. Pretty good!

My hurdle last month was just the stomach flu. I have implemented a good training system that allows me to get my runs done and to have fun doing them. My piriformis muscle is continuing to get better but needs the constant attention and awareness. I have noticed that if I skip stretching, it begins to nag me a bit. I continue to love and use my foam roller.

In April I purchased a new pair of running shoes, which continue to be enjoyable. I am still eager to see how they hold up and what their impact will be on my muscles and individual biomechanics. Click HERE to read more. In addition, I had to buy a new sports band for my iPod. My iSkin duo was beginning to get a bit too smelly and was showing considerable wear and tear. I stayed with the iSkin duoband. I just need to add a bit more Velcro but I love that I can still use my iPod functions through the protective shield and it is pretty comfortable.

May Training Calendar

What does May have in store for me?
  • The Jacaranda Run on the 14th. My hubby actually wants to run with me too!
  • More training and a continued commitment to increasing the long runs.
  • Continue to research and try energy products for pre- and during long runs. Click HERE to read my first trial.

My hurdles this month?
  • Early Wednesdays and incorporating long runs before a long work day. I need to prepare and pack well.
  • Mental training. I need to continue to find the joy in running when obstacles get in the way.
  • Finding time to be with my family when training time increases.


  1. Sounds like you have some good plans for May. I find it useful to take a ice bath after long runs - help the recovery process. See you at the Jacaranda 10K

  2. An ice bath. I may just need to give that a try one day. I know I won't be able to tolerate it long but I hear lots of people promoting it. See you soon!


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