Just Another Base Run

I ran today after work instead of before work. I opted for a few extra minutes of sleep and knew I could get my run in later. My goal today was the simplest goal ever --- just run the base run on my training schedule for today. I ran 4.6 miles and although the run in itself wasn't overly challenging, the perfect run before a long run tomorrow morning, it was the perfect run to work on mental readiness and fortitude.

I pinpointed my underlying edginess to nervousness about the marathon in September. I must confess -- I have questioned if I could succeed and if I should be embarking on this journey. Although deep inside there is a resounding yes to both, I did some research on the mental training necessary and am glad I am facing these questions today, not weeks before the big day.

So in my preparation, I focused on mental training techniques today such as mantras, envisioning success, and envisioning the race course during my run. I do have a couple of mantras I go to on occasion but one that popped into my mind today, and one I fell in love with, is "I will". A shortened version of I will succeed. Why do I like this? Because I can think the words "I will" with each foot strike and hear an echo of succeed in the back of my mind. When I envisioned a steep uphill climb I tried the "I will" and heard an echo of battle this in the back of my mind. Pretty cool and now I have another good tool for my marathon running tool kit.

And my final thought for the day is a question to all the runners out there. How many of you have a running significant other/spouse? Do you run together? Do you race together? Is there any competition between you two?

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