Is it Monday yet?

Monday marks the beginning of my training weeks and yes, I am so eager to get this week behind me and start fresh next week.

I am normally the type of person that embraces each obstacle and sees the silver lining on every cloud....oh yes, even the cumulonimbus clouds (and you should hear my darling daughter talk about those cumulonimbus clouds). But today I really feel I have reached a frustration limit and am ready to throw in the towel and begin a new week of training.

I can't say my training this week has been bad though. As I reflect back, each run has been very good to great and I have pushed myself. I think the main disappointment is centered around my long run, which yes, I really do love. I was eager to go yesterday and woke up with a "glued" shut eye (eye infections really are not fun) and today was take 2. My eye is much better so off I go until screeeecchhh!

My Nike+ receiver isn't being recognized....okay, perhaps it has died now.....can a receiver die? And yes, at times it is really terrible how stuck I can get onto technology but my choices were: do the run blind without really knowing if or when I met my mileage goal, give up and go to work, or accept disappointment and do cross training at the gym.

What would you choose?

I chose the cross training, of course, remember I do always look for that silver lining. I ended up doing 20 minutes on the Stairmaster (2.13 miles) and 10 minutes on the cycle (2.67 miles). And then I cleaned up and headed out to work so I can get off in time to go by Sports Authority to get a replacement receiver and hope that I am good to go tomorrow.

But I can't leave you with frustrating thoughts in your mind so here are some happy points:
  1. I did still get in a good workout and enjoyed myself. Cross training does have benefits and is something I do not routinely do.
  2. I enjoyed a whey protein shake in my new Blender bottle after my workout.
  3. I watched a very inspirational movie last night - Heart, The Marilyn Bell Story. More on that to come later.


  1. Sorry about the eye. Yeah, cross-training is good and then you'll be more rested for that run!

  2. The cross training did make the run feel great, even though the cycling seemed to work my legs in a new way and they felt a little of it yesterday! Loved reading about your hilly run today!


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