High Mileage Week

My training week runs from Monday to Sunday but I couldn't resist looking at my training calendar to see where I am. Currently, I am teetering around 30 miles. A great accomplishment when you think of where I was initially and the hurdles along the way. Plus, it is the first training week in which I tossed in a long run on Wednesday and a race today (click HERE to read about it).

Is this a good training idea? For me, absolutely! There are races I run with the goal to push myself completely to the limits and races I run to just prove to myself I can. Today's race fell in the second category and ironically, the distance of the race aligned with the distance on my training calendar. However, don't get the impression that I didn't push myself.

What's next? 3 miles tomorrow. Will it be simple? Who knows. I am tired, my legs are tired, but I look forward to drawing an X through the next day on my calendar and earning my day of rest on Monday!

But what I really wanted to say today was a huge MAHALO (thank you) for all the friends and family who support the runners in their lives. Although running may seem like an independent sport, all runners need someone to lean on every now and then for support....so MAHALO and PEACE to all!

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