The fully packed 5 mile base run

Today's goal: 5 miles. Sounds easy enough, right?

I started out feeling good and totally enjoying the run. Not only was I ready to go, my darling daughter was all set with things to do and I was sporting a new Bondi Band and ready to test it out. By 2 miles I began to ponder the challenges of a running mom and quickly decided I should extend those challenges to any running parent that actually runs with their children, or runs when needing to still fulfill parental duties. I convinced myself that the three year old requests for action from mommy could only be efficient training for the marathon. Those 26.2 miles I will run alone (sweet bliss!) but I am sure there will be times I will need to focus my mind around a distraction/frustration and just keep going. And yes, this running mom is definitely including preschooler behavior management during a run as a marathon training tool. Why not?

The run ended well and to my surprise, and my daughter's, the Bondi Band did great and stayed in place! Score 1! My training pace was steady and consistent throughout the run, which was a sub-goal for my training today. And after the run my darling daughter received some undivided attention and snuggles before she drifted off to sweet sleep naptime slumber and I am seriously contemplating climbing right back next to her to catch a little snooze myself!

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