6 Mile Recovery Run

First, I must confess. I went to bed early last night and I mean early! I went to bed at the same time as my darling daughter (7:00 pm) and slept right through to my alarm going off at 4:00 am this morning. I can't remember the last time I have gotten so much sleep at once and I think it is great! I had a 12 mile run yesterday after a 7 mile run on Wednesday so I am sure my muscles loved the recovery sleep.

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I took my well-rested body out of bed and headed out for the day's planned 6 mile recovery run. And yes, even though I was rested and eager to go, I stuck to my plan of a recovery run. As I headed out and turned the corner I saw the blaze, once again, of a roaring cane fire. It always amazes me how aggressive those cane fires are in the wee hours of the morning when most of the population is sleeping. I am also more attentive to them now than I was in the past. Living here you become complacent to the fires....after all, it is just another cane fire and part of the harvesting process. But once about a year ago I stumbled across just another fire to find myself in a blackout of smoke with flames on the road. And yes, I did call 911 and even though they tried to dismiss me and tell me it was a "controlled" fire, they quickly released that yes, I was right and that the fire was indeed "out of control".

But I digress....back to the running part of this blog. My goal was 6 miles and my plan was a recovery run. Run at a consistent pace but let it be easy. Not ridiculously easy, but easy. I read in an article recently that Kenyan runners tend to do their recovery runs extremely slow, even at a turtle's pace (Runner's World, 2011). I'm not going to go that slow but to me, the article just pointed out how a proper recovery run holds merit.

I ran at a steady incline and did very minor modifications in my pace. If you haven't realized, I tend to do that. I restrained from really pushing the final mile to stay true to the recovery run and I feel great!

My run nutrition: Prior to the run, a little peanut butter and Gatorade PRIME01 to rinse it down. During the run, some Cytomax but I didn't really drink a lot due to the distance and effort level.

My mental state: Awesome! And part of this is due to how good my body felt and how well it was performing.

The running stats: 6.01 miles, 54'43" total time, 9'06" pace


  1. Interesting about the fires. I hope the smoke doesn't bother you when you run.

  2. The smoke is bothersome to me but I plan my runs to be in areas away from the fires. There is always another side of the island to go to and it is all about timing. However, that may change as my runs get longer pushing me to different courses or time frames.


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