3.2 Mile Progressive Run

I awoke this morning to my darling husband and daughter providing me with good morning treats in bed and a lovely Happy Mommy's Day! After church and grocery shopping, it was almost time to make lunch for myself and my daughter. This left me in a predicament. Do I try to squeeze in my 6 mile run now? Do I postpone it and hope for time later? Or do I run some now and hope to run more later?

I opted to do some running now while I can. This really leaves me two options: run the remainder of my allotted miles later today or run 6 miles tomorrow (instead of taking a rest day) allowing me to take a rest day on Tuesday (which was slated to be a 3 mile day). Who knows what the end result will be. Only time will tell.

My progressive run was great. After a few minutes at my standard warm-up pace I started systematically increasing the pace until I was really having a great time at the end. I truly do love pushing the pace and testing my limits. I was having so much fun I ended up putting in an extra 0.2 miles this morning but alas, my darling daughter started asking for a snack, which meant I had to hop off and get to making lunch.

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