3 Mile - Positive Splits

It took me awhile to get into the mindset to do my run today. My day started with the necessary errands and then going to a friend's house to finish laundry due to a broken dryer. By the time I got home with my daughter to put her down for a nap, I had to sleep too. But by the time I woke up I was revitalized.

After getting my daughter set-up with her post-nap snack and movie, I got running. My goal today was 3 miles. I wasn't feeling too tight or sore after yesterday's race so I wasn't overly concerned. But I opted to try a new game plan. I wanted to incorporate positive splits in my incline run. Why? Because as much as I aim to race longer runs with negative splits, I often have a hard time implementing the plan. I guess the racing high gets me out and going. So I thought, hey, if I tend to start faster than desired in races, what would happen if I did a training run like this every now and then?

I enjoyed my run today and enjoyed a new training style. It did tire me but it didn't overtire me. I think it was the perfect post-race/end of week workout. A great prelude to a rest day tomorrow before amping it up again for the next week of training come Tuesday.

Happy Running!

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