3 Mile Base Run

My Nike+ marathon training plan had me slated to run 3 miles yesterday. Sounds simple enough; however, staying up late made it hard for me to climb out of bed to run prior to work. No worries....I can get that run in later during the day!

I ended up staying at work later than expected, darted off to pick my darling daughter from school, and skipped all errands and headed directly home. I informed my daughter of my intent and told her I need to run 3 miles today. When she asked why I just said, because it is on my schedule. She quickly entered into her coaching phase and tried to convince me to run 5 miles instead. Tempting as it may be, I couldn't overdo it with a race slated for Saturday and I already have a full week.

Once home, I got my daughter set up with her activity of choice - play dough! After a 1/4 mile into the run I stopped to stretch my left piriformis since it was feeling a bit tight. My daughter eagerly asked if I already ran 3 miles. I explained it is good at times to stop and stretch and got back to running. At the halfway point, my daughter's interest in play dough diminished and she asked for some movie and snack. Often I make her wait until the run is done but today, I quickly hopped off the treadmill, got her all situated, and hopped back on making sure she understood I had to keep going.

It took me a few moments to get back into the awesome running groove I was in but I did succeed. In retrospect, I am glad I opted to get my daughter set up with a new activity. She was happy and I got a happy run in. What more can a running mom ask for?

My running mental state: AWESOME!!!

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