2 Miles Today

Today was an easy day in terms of overall distance but yet, it was a good running day. When I first started running on my home treadmill it was HARD! It took awhile for me to adjust my treadmill training days from no incline to a 10% incline. But in terms of my overall gains in fitness, it is worth it.

I have come a long way in the past 4 months. I am embarrassed to confess my first runs on the new treadmill lasted a mere 20 minutes or so. They wiped me out! I can now run up to 90 minutes. I haven't tried anything longer. My pace is much slower on this treadmill than on the roads but I am fine with that.

So for today, I went 2 miles but aimed to have some of that same exhausted feeling I initially had on the new treadmill. And I reached it at a pace much better than months ago. In all reality, if I hadn't also planned intervals between moderate and moderate-hard paces I could have had a better overall pace. In the early days, my pace was around 13'00", today it was 11'30". My day of sprint work was 10'17" (still slower than my real half marathon pace).

I still love my home treadmill for what it allows me to do but I am also glad for the gym days, solo road running days, and road running days with my darling daughter. I feel each helps me become a better runner. The one thing I am lacking in is strength training. I have zilch beyond picking up and carrying my 37 lb daughter. I really should do something about that but where do I find the time?

Mental State: Awesome!

Physical State: I felt sluggish at the start but that quickly evaporated.

Final Thoughts: I love my Bondi Bands for my hair and they have replaced my traditional running hat. However, I really do need the heavy wicking bands for those good runs. The light wicking ones are so cute but I will end up with some sweat in my eyes.


  1. You are awesome! Congrats on being able to run 90 minutes - that's a huge accomplishment! Pretty soon, you'll be able to run for 2 hours, and then who knows what you'll be able to do! :)

    Love your bondi band - I'm looking for something that I can use instead of a hat, too. Don't always want to wear a hat. Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. Thanks for the positive encouragement! I can't take the full credit for spreading the word on Bondi Bands. Running Diva Mom got me hooked on them and I just placed another order...and am getting some for my daughter who is equally hooked.


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