12 Mile Long Run - Almost Even Splits

I woke up this morning ready to run but must confess, I did move my alarm time back 10 minutes when my daughter climbed into bed next to me. She deserved a good 30 minute cuddle before a school day and I love cuddling her!

I did something different today. I took some advice from a friend and ate a small spoonful of peanut butter before heading out to the gym. She isn't a runner but an exercise enthusiast and says that little spoonful does wonders for her morning workouts. Since I am notorious for not eating breakfast before training in the mornings, I figured it couldn't hurt. I rinsed it down with some Gatorade PRIME01 and was on my way.

My goal today was 12 miles. My plan was to get a good pace going and maintain it throughout the run with a little incline and pace adjustments along the way to make the run seem a bit more natural. I had my bottle of Cytomax with me along with 6 PowerBar Energy Blasts. I calculated that each blast represents about 20 calories. Much different than the 100 calories per GU Gel. Therefore, I established a blast plan of taking one every couple of miles throughout the run. My reasoning - I typically eat five small meals a day so why not repeat the same concept in my running nutrition plan? It seemed to work well. My energy level stayed where it should be and I was able to do a good solid final mile for Dad.

It is funny how that final mile can be hard regardless of the distance I run and perhaps it is due to me altering my training level in the shorter runs. Perhaps it has something to do with the final stretch but wouldn't that make it seem easier with the I am almost there mentality. Or perhaps it is because I want to run that last mile as strong as I can to honor my Dad. Who knows, but today I loved my final mile.

It started with the standard degree of perception exertion but my mind drifted. This isn't usually the case for me too often but I really went into a day dream realm thinking about getting ready for the marathon in September. Oh yeah, for some reason I was envisioning the bus ride to the start, the pack, being at the start alone with my family on the other side of the island. And I ran. And I continued to run well and when I came back to reality, I realized I felt good.

My mental state was awesome! I just incorporated a little mantra towards the end, as to be expected. I reflected on my running posture at times and realized as I tire I tend to fold my arms and hands more. I focused on relaxing and running in my normal form.

And at the end, I must have been so in tune to my body that I totally enjoyed my post-run shower, the feel of the pressure of warm water, and the peace of showering alone without a youngster at my feet playing with shower toys.

A perfect beginning to a perfect day!

Final Stats: 12.04 miles with an average pace of 8'59"

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