What must others think?

As I sit back and reflect on how I  must have looked going out for my run today I have to laugh inside. I was going to just do a couple miles on the treadmill to keep the juices flowing for race day on Sunday. My daughter just wasn't going to cooperate as she usually does. So I picked her up, headed out of the door, and put her into the jogging stroller.

She was kicking and screaming every inch of the way but I knew I needed to run and I knew she would be fine as soon as the wind started blowing through her hair. Within seconds, the screaming was gone and the whining was tapering away. By the end of the two miles, mommy and daughter were both doing great!

Unfortunately, this doesn't work all the time and as a mom, you need to be able to ascertain when to pull the plug on the run (mommy duty does win at times) and when your run can be turned into therapy. But still, what must have the neighbors thought as I was putting my daughter into the stroller? She was screaming and I was telling her a run would do us both good.