Wahine Half Marathon - 3 days to go! Do you have your bling?

The bags are packed and we are set to go! Aloha O'ahu! Here we come!

I am not really a superstitious person but races pull out every superstition I have. I have my tried and trusted running shoes, shoes, and gear all packed. However, there is no way I will let that bag out of my sight! It will be by my side for the entire 35 minute journey to Oahu. You would think I could check it for such a short trip, but no! Superstition number 1: I must run in my trusted gear and I will take no risks that the gear will not be there for me. Plus, I don't want just anyone messing with my shoes! They are my companion and have been with me every mile of the way...almost. I do have to get new shoes on occasion.

Superstition number 2: Don't do anything different the night before the run. What can I say? I couldn't even agree to going out to eat with a friend because my family is already used to my pre-race dinner quirks. Why make someone else go through that?

Am I ready? Oh yes I am! I am prepared and set to go!

What's on my agenda?

  • Friday: Get to O'ahu, lunch with a friend, go to the Expo and have a blast! Sleep.
  • Saturday: Relax with the family. Mediate. Enjoy life. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Try to sleep.
  • Sunday: YEAH!!! Run, run, run! I hope to catch up with a good friend who is also doing the race and will leave it in God's hands to help us "bump" into each other.

In the meantime, my blog will be quiet but I will return with a race analysis and post-race notes.

Racing is what running is all about. It is the frosting on the cake and I am going to indulge in the moment.

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  1. Good luck in the half marathon. Sounds like you are ready to have some fun.


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