Training - Let's get speedy!

I took one day of rest after the Wahine Half Marathon primarily to enjoy my final day on O'ahu with my family. But after that, my training got right back on track as I am now completely focused on that marathon on my schedule in September. There will be some fun races/runs along the way but my goal is in sight and now is not the time to get distracted.

Typically, I rest a bit more after my half marathons and am quite pleased on how my legs are responding to getting used. I did try to keep things "easy" though.

Day 2 after the race: I did a nice track run with my daughter in her jogging stroller. To say a track isn't completely accurate because everyone will envision those 1/4 mile oval loops. This is a track/trail/walkway that consists of three intersecting loops which is great for keeping things mixed up. It also includes some inclines and you can do a really big incline or really big decline depending on the direction you are travelling. I did both and mommy and daughter had a blast! I kept my pace regular and my goal was to just get the legs going. Distance: 3.19 miles. Overall pace: 10'07" which is par for my pace when pushing a 38 lb child! But oh does that really increase the uphill training!

Day 3 after the race: I had so much fun on the course I ran the day before that I had to return to it but this time I ran solo. I really pushed the first two miles and then told myself I could slow down for the final mile if I really needed too. Perhaps I slowed a bit, perhaps not. I really need to analyze the profile more since my pace was not consistent at all with all the ups and downs of the course. However, my overall pace was 8'13", which is faster than the pace for my last 5K race. Read about that race HERE. Distance: 3.01 miles. So am I happy? Oh yeah!

Day 4 after the race: Today I give my body a rest day and plan to do 10 miles tomorrow if all goes well. Hopefully, my darling hubby and daughter don't keep me up too late partying tonight!

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