Today's Recovery Run

I did something I have never done before yesterday. I ran a half marathon + distance and then went to work!

I have moved my long runs to weekdays for really good reasons but yesterday was the first time I really pushed the limits and did something different. I am very happy with the results and with how I am feeling today. I spent 10 minutes last night with my newest best friend --- the foam roller. If you haven't bought one yet, now is the time. Treat yourself and your muscles to delight!

My adjusted training schedule had me slated to run 3 miles today. As much as my mind dreamed of sprints with what I consider a short distance, I held myself to running a recovery run. I mean, is it really a good idea to sprint the day after running your long run? Don't think so!

My recovery run was at a 10% incline and I did my standard routine of altering the pace a bit here and there. Although, I did run within the pre-selected pace range and framework I established at the start. How do I feel? Great! I love the feeling of training smart and reaping in the rewards. My muscles are happy. I am happy and I am looking forward to my run tomorrow.

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