This week's long run: 14 miles

I crawled out of bed around 4:00 am for today's long run. The goal: 14 miles. I grabbed a couple of pretzels and headed out the door to go to the gym. On the way, I also consumed something new: a Gatorade PRIME01. I don't know if it was the Gatorade or my excitement, but prior to the run I was fully energized.

My training plan was to do the run in negative splits so I started out at a comfortable pace. After approximately 6 miles, I slowly started to progressively increase my pace until I was at full race pace for the last mile or so. In addition, at around 6 miles I tried something else new --- some GU Mandarin Orange gel. Since it was new, I started with limited amounts and rinsed it down with my standard Cytomax. I can't say I loved the flavor but it was okay. I tolerated it and perhaps it did have a positive impact since I did feel fine throughout the run and was able to progressively pick up the pace as intended.

The end result: 14.01 miles with an overall pace comparable to my race pace for the Maui Half Marathon last September.

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