Simple Fruit Smoothie

About a week ago I purchased some Fruit2Day. They looked like really good fruit drinks that had no additives that I didn't want, provided two servings of fruit, and had real fruit pieces. Yum! I picked up three and was eager to try my new healthy treat as a means to ween myself off of Diet Cokes.

I first opened the blueberry one and took my first sip envisioning a drink like pulpy orange juice. Oh my was I wrong! This drink literally had fruit pieces in it that you had to chew! This was not my cup of tea!! And I had two more bottles....what was I going to do???

I quickly thought of making them into smoothies. I took about 1/4 cup of yogurt (plain or vanilla should work fine) and added one small bottle of the Fruit2Day. Blended briefly and voila! A delicious and nutritious smoothie!!!

Will I buy Fruit2Day again? Sure, now that I know how to turn it into something I can drink (not chew).