Running for Fun

I can't really think of a time when running is a chore but perhaps at time, it isn't as fun as it could be. Today, I ran just for fun. I had a limited amount of time so instead of worrying about the training schedule or doing speed work....I just ran!

It was fantastic to run with no objectives besides running. It was quiet freeing and instead of thinking of goals I reflected on what is affecting my life now. I thought minimally about my upcoming race, I thought about my daughter, and I pondered how I really do want her to get into the preschool at our church. I reflected on how this could positively affect the whole family beyond my own running objectives.

But most importantly, I ran and listened to my feet pounding. I had no music or distractions. I just ran and let my thoughts run freely as well.

So my advice to you all, go out and just run for yourself every now and again. You will be amazed at how wonderful it feels and how it truly cleanses your soul.

Peace and happy running to all!!