The Runner, The Cheerleader, The Coach

Yesterday I was told I was self-centered, which was pretty gut-wrenching and the end result, I climbed into bed after midnight when I planned to get up in less than 4 hours for a 14 mile run. This is not a happy feeling.

The Runner: I found myself frustrated beyond belief and questioning why on Earth am I training to run this marathon? What is the purpose? Should I be doing this? To answer those questions, I am training because I want to run a marathon, it is a personal goal, it is something I can do for me, and I want to run to honor my dad. What is the purpose? The sense of accomplishment and pride. And perhaps, it is just so years later when I reflect back on my life I can see that I did do something just for me. This is important for all moms because in reality, we are not self-centered and we are prone to give more to our children and families than we receive ourselves. Should I be doing this? YES! I do realize training takes some me time but every mom deserves me time. It makes them a better mom and who can really criticize someone when their me time is running?

Just for Kids Storage Bins
The Cheerleader: I really did need that inner cheerleader to turn me from frustration to hope. Ironically, last night I also put together a new shelving unit for my daughter. I have done this many times but this was a new brand and design and I could not figure out the camlocks. With mounting frustration and the unit falling apart many times, I got online and looked for help. Oh yeah, camlocks are simple once you know what you are supposed to do. Just screw in the camlock screw, add the circle piece to its place and slide onto the screw and tighten. So essentially, put the shelves all on one side and then prep the other side of the shelves. Then add the second side of the unit. After I was all done, I was talking to my wise 3-year old daughter and told her that was frustrating. Her words of wisdom, next time don't get frustrated. If it breaks you always put it back together. So okay, I may be frustrated that my night's sleep is essentially gone and worried about the impact on my training but I will figure it out! Thanks little girl!!!

The Coach: At times that virtual Nike+ coach can't do it all for me. It may have a plan but what happens when life gets the best of you? Should I go on less than 4 hours of sleep and do a long training run? I don't want to hinder my training. My inner coach's words of wisdom, I have two back to back rest days on the schedule for early next week. It is fine to bump back my runs one day. I will still get the scheduled runs in and it is better to sleep and then tackle the run tomorrow. If I didn't have to work 10+ hours today the plan may need to be addressed differently. If it were a race or closer to the marathon, the plan may need to be addressed differently, but right now, I am fine.

From reading this it may seem easy to be your own runner, cheerleader, and coach but in all reality, it is extremely hard. I yearn for more support from those closest to me and to hear from runners on how they tackle the same obstacles.

Happy Training and Don't Give Up!

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