Reflecting Back on the Wahine Half Marathon

It was a humid and still morning as I headed to the race start with my darling husband and daughter. I got to the chute moments before the pre-race announcements and entertainment. I had time to watch the fire dancers and ponder on how a race start full of women differs from a mixed race. The delightful chattering of women was a bit unnerving at first but then I just had to laugh inside because every woman knows, women love to talk and there was a lot to talk about this morning!

Prior to the race, the speakers blared with The National Anthem and we all covered our hearts and looked at the flag. Within moments, the speakers failed and for one split second there was dead silence. Quite remarkable considering the huge number of people congregated in Ala Moana Park. However, the runners proved to be as wonderful as women are as their voices raised to continue the anthem. The speakers did come on later and the whole experience could bring tears to any amped up running mom.

After the final countdown, the horn sounded  and I walked my way to the start where I was finally able to take off running with some great tunes! I felt strong and good even though I could tell the humidity was going to impact my hydration but no worries. I had my sprint bottle with Cytomax and there were plenty of aid stations throughout the course. Nonetheless, the heat began to take its toll on me around mile 10 and it did impact my pace. No one really wants to confess to slowing down in a race, but I did and my pace dropped by 20 or so seconds per mile. However, I did maintain that pace until the end.

The course was quite remarkable and a mix of everything. I had the pleasure of running around Ala Moana Park a couple of times before heading out on the roadways towards the airport. There were some scenic stretches along the beach breathtaking enough to cause me to go "woah" and that takes a lot! The route also included a track pathway through a park and a few steps here and there. Any obstacle was clearly  marked and the race volunteers did a remarkable job keeping the runners informed and motivated.

This is definitely a must-do race for all women out there! The energy and spirit was intoxicating and how can you not like getting a tiara and boa at mile 12 to complete the race with?

My overall placement was 497 out of 1,599 finishers and 494 out of the 1,593 female finishers. I placed 90 in my division (35-39), which had 265 finishers. My time was 2:19:15. Yes, this was my slowest half marathon to date but I am still completely happy with the results. I was running in new terrain with warmer temperatures, more humidity, and I did allow myself to pause at moments to see the beauty. This is something I have never done in a race before but this race deserved it in my mind. My enthusiasm for this race was high from the moment I heard about it and I wanted to truly cherish each moment of the run. I wasn't running to win. I was running to have fun and to be a strong woman, a diva!

I hope to see you next year at the 2nd annual Wahine Half Marathon and feel blessed to be a part of the Inaugural Run Like a Diva run in Hawai'i!

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  1. Looks like a pretty course beside the beach. Racing in the humidity is tough! Congrats on completing the half marathon!


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