The Primary Running Mom Dilemma

I am indeed a runner but I am also a mom and don't forget I am a full-time employee. At times all those priorities get jostled together and it is hard to really focus on my personal goals. Today is one of those days.

Saturdays are usually my mommy and daughter days. The good days where all is possible! Running can fit in any time and life is great! However, this Saturday I am bogged down with training stress from loss of runs due to a stomach bug. I am finally back to me in health but I want to run!!! Unfortunately, I do have a work obligation that will postpone my run and I only find comfort in that my treadmill will be my faithful companion waiting there so patiently for me when I get home.

So off I go, to work, with my daughter. Dreaming of running, dreaming of doing what she desires, but we will work and to be honest, we will have fun.

To the running moms out there, how do you cope when your training goes to the wayside when other priorities of life surface?

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  1. The good thing about writing a blog is accountability. I ended up squeezing in just one mile before heading out to work. Good thing! It was a long day and I needed that little run to just jump start me emotionally.


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