Negative Splits

I recently read an article that discussed negative splits and loved to read that this is a great running style that can result in success at the finish line, at least for races long enough to use this strategy. I wish I could take this article and show it to a coach I had in the past. Her viewpoint was if I could pick up the pace at the end than obviously I wasn't pushing myself hard enough. But then again, she is the same coach who never recognized my off season efforts to work on speed that resulted in me being a faster runner. I wasn't allowed to run that fast but had to stay with everyone else. Trust me, I do see the importance of teamwork at times but sometimes, you just need to push yourself and your teammates!

Negative split defined: Essentially, your pace increases at the end of the run. You start out good and conservative and then let it fly later!

Traditionally, this is a running style I love and who doesn't love finishing strong? I also believe that in most cases, this is how I race. And the times I didn't, it is because I ran out of reserves or it was a 5K where you don't have time to hold back.

I kept this running strategy in mind for my long run yesterday and plan to apply it to many of my training runs to hone my skills of selecting the right start and end paces. My splits for my last 14 mile run were:

Mile 1: 10'21" (this pace I will never maintain running solo....I was just easing into my run.)
Mile 2: 9'26"
Mile 3: 9'17"
Mile 4: 9'19"
Mile 5: 9'30"
Mile 6: 9'19"
Mile 7: 9'22" (don't know what happened to me here....hmmmmm.....)
Mile 8: 9'01"
Mile 9: 9'00"
Mile 10: 8'59"
Mile 11: 9'14"
Mile 12: 8'45"
Mile 13: 8'32"
Mile 14: 8'23"

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