More energy for me, more energy for you

Right before the Wahine Half Marathon I downloaded an e-book written by Kendrick (look for Kendrick Fitness on Facebook and you will find it!). It was one of my best purchases for nutritional and fitness guidance.

Last week I started the eating plan he outlined in the book. I am not calling it a diet because it clearly allows you to eat and there are not any huge restrictions. Essentially, I switched to eating five small meals each day at specific times. I was always kind of close to this but the book outlined what nutrients to focus on for each meal. For example, put some protein and fiber in my first lunch. It also included some suggested meals.

I am one week into my new eating plan and I truly believe my body is feeling better because of it. I am not getting the afternoon slumps in energy as drastically, which is a great thing! In addition, I have lost a couple of pounds. My goal wasn't to lose weight per se. I just wanted the energy to do my runs and live my life to the fullest.

Is the plan easy to incorporate? Yes and no. I felt it was easy on my work  days to stick to the schedule but on my hectic weekend it was a bit harder due to the necessary planning it involves. But my daughter is loving my purple water bottle that is following me wherever I go!

In addition to eating right and often, I am aiming to incorporate more sleep into my life. Long lost are the days I could stay up all night reading a book and still get the sleep I need. If I stay up late, I am just harmed by lack of sleep that I will never be able to recover in the life of a running mom. The one element that has truly enhanced my ability to sleep more was purchasing my own treadmill. This is allowing me to fit in runs where I normally wasn't able to and allowing me to get that one more hour of sleep on most days. Trust me...it adds up and makes a huge difference! And I am going to need those reserves when I pull myself out of bed before 4:00 am tomorrow for my weekly long run.

Eat well, eat often, sleep, and be energized!