Maui Marathon - T minus 5 months

Just over 5 months to the Maui Marathon and my training is getting more focused. March was a great month. I averaged 4.6 runs per week and completed 79.54 miles. An awesome feat when you factor in that I also had a very nasty, persistant cold in March. In addition, I completed one 5K race with a time I am very happy with. See Run 'Til Your Green for more on that.

My hurdles last month were incorporating long runs in a busy mom's schedule and increasing training with a 3-year old daughter to take care of and spend time with. I feel I have knocked these hurdles down. I did something very odd when I began a new training plan via Nike+ virtual coach....I moved my long run days to Wednesdays versus on the weekends. In the past, I did my longest runs on Sundays which meant I had to run with my daughter or my hubby needed to have the day off. By running the longs on Wednesdays, I can run solo and hubby is home all day with my daughter.

My piriformis muscle is getting better and better. I had 1 professional massage last month (delightful) and purchased a foam roller to roll out the kinks between massages. It is a blessing!!! One of the best purchases ever!!!

What does April have in store for me?
  • The Wahine Half Marathon on the 17th and I can't wait to participate in my 1st all women race.
  • More training!
  • Time to buy new shoes.

My hurdles this month?
  • Getting up earlier and earlier on Wednesdays to incorporate long runs before work.
  • Adjusting to a new training schedule - the new run assortment and arrangement is proving to challenge my running perfectly! I just hope it does the trick in prepping me for the marathon.
  • Mental training - Oh yes, focusing the mind, meditating (do I really have time), or whatever it takes to envision success!
  • Finding time for family fun and love!

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