Long Run and Jacuzzi - Perfect Mix!

I have always loved Jacuzzis and who wouldn't? Warmth and bubbles with a therapeutic massage! What an indulgence and a perfect component to the Run Like a Diva series Wahine Half Marathon. (Post-race analysis to come soon.)

I must confess that I spent amble time in the jacuzzi the day before the race, hours after the race, and the day after the race. It was delightful, relaxing, and perfect for every diva! Imagine a mom sitting blissfully in peace while being able to watch her darling daughter and hubby play in the "cool pool", to use my daughter's terminology. At times I was even visited by my daughter who would join me to put her toes in the delightful warmth.

How are my muscles feeling today? As to be expected. I have the normal aches two days post half-marathon that go as quickly as they come and I look forward to a run with my daughter after work today.