Incline Training - 6 miles

My training goal today was 6 miles. My options were squeeze in a road run whenever my dear hubby got home from work or do the run on my incline treadmill. I opted for scenario 2.

My daughter was all set with snacks and a movie, or so I thought, and I got on and started running. My hurdles today were:
  • My daughter wasn't as ready as I thought and kept asking for things. I just told myself this is the mental training necessary for some of those longer runs when your mind isn't 100% where it needs to be.
  • The treadmill itself. The supporting documentation stated that workouts on this model will be 40% harder. I agree. I don't think it is 40% harder than a road run but it is probably accurate to say it is 40% harder than running on a standard treadmill. On that note, I have read in multiple places that you should always add some incline to your treadmill running and that a 1% incline is close to road running. Did I mention my incline trainer is at 10%?
  • I was hot! Once again, running in my home took its toll. Perhaps I should aim to run in the earlier, cooler hours of the day. But then, this is wonderful training for the heat I will face at the end of the Maui Marathon.
  • The time of day. Traditionally I am an early bird runner whenever I can be. I seem to feel better in runs then. However, I will run whenever I can fit it into my life and it seems afternoons are becoming more popular.

All things aside, it was a great training run and I am glad I did the 6 miles at an incline. I did have to incorporate some speed walking as my legs felt like lead and I was incredibly thirsty. Yes, I did drink my Gatorade and even had my daughter grab me an extra cup of water. My ego hurts about having to do speed walking (and when I do speed walking I do increase my arm workout) but I would rather do that than cut the miles short. Plus, I felt things in different muscles during the speed walks and that is always a good thing for overall training. On a side note, I often do my 5+ miles on the road or a standard treadmill, not the incline treadmill, so that was a new training twist. And to make my ego feel better, in the time it took me to do my run today I could have done a standard 10 mile run. Why does that make me feel good? Because I worked hard! I wasn't just breezing along so even though the miles were less, the workout was intense!

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