Incline Training - 3.4 miles

My weekend is packed with things to do between surprising a good friend with a shark dive and Easter today. However, I am still on target with my training plan even if I juggled the planned runs around a bit. After all, that is the life of a running mom.

Today I did my scheduled 3 mile run on my incline treadmill at home after church while my daughter watched Curious George. I was feeling good so I put in a little extra time on the treadmill plus this is the perfect training for the upcoming Jacaranda run next month.

My overall pace was slower than usual but I did increase my pace for each mile I ran. It is always a good training run when you finish strong.

My home treadmill running does work my body in very different ways than road running, with or without my darling daughter, and the gym treadmill. I always feel a higher rate of perceived exertion and I always seem to sweat more, even with two fans going in the room. So, out of curiosity I decided to measure my sweat loss today and found out the short run resulted in a loss of 1.6 lb of sweat. Seems like a lot for such a short run but I won't really be able to make any conclusions unless I do the same analysis on another run. I will keep you posted if I ever do!

Happy running and be strong!

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