A Day for Motivation

The Wahine Half Marathon is just around the corner and I am focusing more on ensuring my rest reserves are full and ready to go. Now is the time I go ahead and let myself sleep those extra 15 minutes. Who knows how I will sleep the night before the race!

Which makes today the perfect time to reflect on some running quotes I found dear to my heart.

  • By Pamela Cooper: The American marathon footrace has evolved into a cultural performance, a chance for people to tell a story about themselves...that story is about community.
  • By Richard Benyo: The marathon lifestyle promotes doing rather than watching...by adopting the marathon lifestyle you can confront your own lions, be your own hero, fight your own battles, challenge yourself.
  • By Hal Higdon: Think positive. You are a special person. Reward yourself with self-praise as your achieve each interim goal en route to the marathon.
  • By John "The Penguin" Bingham: Every day gives you an opportunity to improve. With every run, you can try to be better. Not just a better runner, but a better person.
  • By Pam Oliver: Running puts me in a positive state of mind. I'm constantly getting ideas for stories on the run.
  • By Kara Goucher: Do the work. Do the analysis. But feel your run. Feel your race. Feel the joy that is running.
  • By Tate Donovan: Why do I run? It's the best form of exercise. It's totally the core of being in shape. I really feel so good--anytime after the first mile.
  • By Jeff Corwin: I look at running as meditation. It allows me to decompress, download, and get rid of negative stuff. That's my secret. I go inside myself.
  • From my daughter: Mommy, make it go faster. (She was watching me run on a treadmill.)

My quotes:
  • I run for peace of mind.
  • I run to remember my Dad.
  • I run to show my daughter that women are strong.
  • One more mile for Dad.

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