Coach says 2 miles, I say SPEED WORK!

I am at the tail end of week 1 of my new training program via Nike+ virtual coach. So far, so good. Today I did a very short run. Perhaps the idea was to have an easy run day between a medium-long run yesterday and medium-long run tomorrow but I couldn't resist the idea of making those 2 miles count more by doing some speed work.

So I hopped on the running mom's best friend....aka my treadmill....and off I go knowing I have the time as my daughter has just settled into some Curious George.

My alternative would have been to run the 2 miles with her in the jogging stroller, which was very do-able but I NEVER sprint with my daughter in the jogging stroller. Just one of my running mommy rules.

I ended up doing 5 sprints with each having a 1 minute duration. The intensity of the sprints was high enough that at the end of each I was more than ready to ease up the pace. The next sprint came just when I was in my normal running groove so I never ran long at a "comfortable" pace.

I had a great workout and really feel I will keep those short Saturdays that the coach has assigned as my weekly speed work days! However, I am still debating if I will ease up next weekend in preparation for the Wahine Half Marathon on the 17th!

* Orange numbers are in memory of my dad and his battle with leukemia.