Aloha Divas! 6 Days and Counting

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It hit me last night when I was cuddled in bed trying to sleep. This is race week and I couldn't help but wiggle my toes in excitement! The Wahine Half Marathon which has had me amped ever since I read about it is just around the corner!

Prior to my first half marathon last September, I was a nervous wreck the week before. I was edgy and cranky and every other emotion you can name that has no real benefit to family life. I didn't feel all of that really before the second half marathon but the day before at work I ended up having to leave because the butterflies started really getting crazy in my stomach. This one, who knows what I will feel but I can't wait to experience each moment of it!

I read a recent article in Runner's World about the importance rituals can have on running and began to ponder if I really had any. I don't race in or with anything I never trained with but that isn't really a ritual. Just smart running. I arrive early to races but that is just so I can get my child taken care of and then have time for me to wrap my mind around the race. But upon further reflection I discovered that my rituals are coming out more with my longer races. I said a prayer and sang a quiet Peace is Flowing Like a River before my 1st half marathon. I felt compelled to do the same before #2. And yes, I will be doing the same this coming Sunday because why wouldn't I? Oh yeah, and I almost always run with a hat on!!! (And I like the ones with the Velcro straps in the back.)

What are your running rituals?

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