6-mile Base Run at Noon

Most runners probably do not head out of the day midday to do a run in Hawai'i. However, sometimes a running mom has no real choice. It was run at noon today or don't run today. Obviously, I had to run at noon because there is a 6 mile run on my training calendar right there on the freezer door.

I donned my running shorts, shirt, socks and shoes. Grabbed a sprint bottle of home-made sports drink. Put on my running hat and off I go after getting a goodbye kiss from my darling daughter.

I started my run along a rolling hill course. After a mile or so, I diverted to a running path at the nearby park just because there were some portions that offered some shade. However, I could still tell the heat was affecting me. The winds were calm today and the sky was clear (both great things for the whale watch scheduled later today but not so great for a run). But my optimistic running mind just reminds me that each tough moment is 1 more element in making me a better runner and isn't that what training is for?

What's next? Coach says 2 days of rest and then 12 miles on Wednesday. What will I do on my 2 rest days? Perhaps schedule a massage with one of my dearest friends...perhaps I should confirm a time and date now!

Happy Training!