10 Days to Race Day

I am about to embark on my third half-marathon and my pre-race training took a sudden turn around. My hope was a last long run yesterday at 12 miles. That did not happen and I haven't even run yet today (oh me oh my!). Why? On Monday evening I was hit hard by a stomach bug and even missed a day of work. I have been resting and barely eating and am still trying to regain strength.

I am back to almost normal today. My appetite isn't 100% but I am eating again to nourish my  muscles. The missed massage I had for Tuesday is rescheduled for today and now I need to focus on my mind.

Running is both physical and mental. I could beat myself up over the missed run but that will accomplish no good. Instead, life happens and tends to always happen to me in full swing prior to the half marathons. I reflected on this and realized:
  • Debut half-marathon - I lost the week prior to the run due to a family emergency. Training came to a screeching halt and I did great!
  • 2nd half-marathon - Serious injury two months prior and I was in recovery running mode. I ran the race with the goal of finishing. I got a new PR!!
  • 3rd half-marathon - Stomach bug....hmmm....are my guardian angels up to something? Does nature know something I don't? How will I do? I am sure I will do just fine. I know I can run the distance. My body will be strong and re-nourished by the time the race starts. I will get some more training runs in but I will continue to train smart....not to overdo it. That is my motto...train smart....and it works for me!