Wahine Half Marathon: T minus 26 Days

Less than a month away and I am already anxious to hit the start line. I always get excited about races but this one has really been amping me up. My first all-women race! I never thought I would be drawn to such an event but I am ready to go. Ready to race on the island I used to call home, ready to race through a park I know and venture beyond. Ready to show my daughter that women are indeed strong!

For the race, my family and I will be packing up our bags and staying at a different hotel than usual. I wanted to be near the race start because it makes for better race mornings. I have decided to pack my drink since my recent training has proven once more that Gatorade really isn't my sports drink of choice. I guess I could bite the bullet and go with the flow but I would rather have my mainstay be a drink I love. However, I will not be making my homemade sports drink. From this point forward, my long runs will be with Cytomax so I am ready to hit the road on the 17th.

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