Training: Intervals - Pyramid Style

My training a few days ago was a bit out of the norm. The whole family has been sick and I had less than 30 minutes to do something before getting dinner ready. As much as I wanted to really pick up the pace and do a good threshold or progressive run, I stuck to a more conservative interval run.

Why didn't I take it "easy" on myself? Because I was still coughing up a storm and although I know I always stop coughing when running, I train smart.

So I jumped onto the treadmill and created a new workout plan for myself. My run today was going to follow this plan, a twist on a run I read about on a blog on my reading list: runnerscooldownmile.blogspot.com.


Each number represented the number of minutes in that interval and each number represented a different speed. I pre-selected my speeds and stuck to them. The speeds got progressively faster so the 1 minute intervals were at a slower pace than the 3 minute intervals.

The run was fun and I achieved my goal for the day. I even had time post-run to do my necessary stretching, get myself and my daughter in the shower, and started dinner on time. At that is what it takes to be a running mom --- you appreciate the small runs you can squeeze in because you know, any run is better than no run!

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