Training: 1:2:3:4:5:4:3:2:1

I had one overriding goal today in my training - to run for 60 minutes. Sounds simple enough, right?

But the run had to have meaning and work my body so my 60 minutes included an interval pyramid with increasing intensities. Today, all intervals were a solid 2 minutes 30 seconds. After an appropriate warm-up, I started cranking up the speed and returned to my recovery speed between intervals so in reality, the run was really 1:2:1:3:1:4...etc. Level 5 was pushing it at a speed where I had to convince myself to keep going and not allow myself to give up.

Why did I choose this workout plan?
  1. I like variation and speedwork. It keeps me motivated.
  2. I have found if I run a significant distance at a steady pace on a treadmill I usually end up with an injury even if only minor muscle strain. My theory is that road running is not ever truly a steady pace and by forcing myself to do so on a treadmill is unnatural.
  3. My frustration level was high today so I needed shorter duration intervals and goals.
  4. I needed to run for 60 minutes for pure emotional bliss!
The end result, I had a great run and plan to incorporate this workout plan in future training runs.

Keep running one more mile for Dad!

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  1. You go Sister!!! Dad is very proud of you!! Though he is not here to see you. He is here in spirit holding your hand every step of the way. It may not feel like it but I promise you he is right there next to you!!! LOVE YOU!!!


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