Spreading Postive Energy - Day 3

Day 3 is all about motivation because motivation is what makes the world go round!

I have been a runner for years but I still have times when my motivation gets low. I challenged myself to overcome this yesterday by getting a "virtual" coach through Nike+. I am enough of a technology-lover that this will do the trick.

My "coach" told me to run 4 miles in preparation for my marathon in September. Really, 4 miles?! That's it?! Okay, so I listened to my coach, kind of, and did my run but I was motivated enough to add a twist on it. After an appropriate warm-up I proceeded to run the rest of the 4 miles at a progressive pace. I felt great so I ran another cool-down mile, I can even rationalize that this 1 mile beyond my "coach's" goal was for Dad, and then I focused on stretching.

I have an ongoing issue with my piriformis muscle that is nagging but not stopping me. So I focused on soothing this muscle with some time with the foam roller targeting my hamstrings and IT band. After some targeted stretching I eagerly joined up with my daughter to have a wonderful girls' night!

Challenge for Day 3:
Keep your motivation high! It is hard to not be happy and positive when you are feeling on top of the world. And when you are feeling that great, share it with someone else!

Motivational Tips:
  • Get a coach or personal trainer - real or virtual
  • Find a running partner or running group - I find this very hard with my schedule and not knowing any other running moms
  • Get some new tunes - I try to add a few more every other month
  • Enter a race  - I try to do one each month as it gives me my next "reward" day. I may not plan to run a peak race each time because my training schedule may require me to just use the race as a base run.
  • Switch up your routine - run a new path, spice up your run with sprints, switch between distance goals and time duration goals, do whatever you need to keep your run fresh and fun

Do you have any motivational tips? Feel free to share!

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