Spreading Positive Energy - Day 9

In memory of my dad, I dedicated 9 posts on Life as a Running Mom to focus on happiness and how we can spread peace. It only seems fitting that the final day is all about love.

Love is a great motivator and as a running mom, the love for my child gives me patience and strength to help her grow. My love of running sets the foundation for bringing activity into our household and demonstrates that it is great to push yourself and that it is okay to not always win. And the love I have and receive from others helps me push and run further and stronger.

Therefore, todays' challenge is easy.

Challenge for Day 9: Get up on that mountain top and call out (aka comment via your computer) the ones and things you love!

What is in store now for this blog? Training updates, run reports, race results, running reviews, etc.

Stay tuned and keep running!

My loves: my husband, my daughter, my mom, my two sisters, my angels, my in-laws, all my aunties, uncles, and cousins, my friends on Maui dear enough to be called aunties and uncles, chocolate, running, warm sunshine, massages, pedicures (okay, only have had 2 in my life!), HUGS, and more!!!

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