Spreading Positive Energy - Day 4

Have a plan but accept that plans change.

You never know what the day will bring and honestly, sometimes the things you least expect can be the most memorable.

It is imperative to have a training plan if you are running to meet a specific goal. I cannot see how anyone could haphazardly run without one and expect to run successfully. In your training plan, decide how many days you want to run a week, which day would be your optimal run day, what cross training you will do (if any), what type of runs you will do, how long your run days will be, etc. I even solidly schedule in a rest day....a day where I must refrain from running and let my muscles heal.

But life happens and the medium-long run I planned on for today won't happen today. Am I going to fall apart in distress and have an awful day? No way! I adjust - I can easily do that run tomorrow and enjoy the time with my daughter today. This still gives my body the appropriate recovery time before doing my long run Wednesday morning. Of course, if by chance my husband gets home from work early this afternoon we may just need to head up to Thompson Road! I will be fine, my training will be fine, and if I forced the run I would have missed my daughter dressed up so adorably as a princess!

Challenge for Day 4:
If you are a runner, go ahead and be bold and plan a new run. Try a new path, if it isn't as awesome as you hoped, at least you gave it a try! If you are not a runner, be bold and plan a delightful adventure with your family. Perhaps a walk in the park or venture out on a new trail? Even a walk around the block after dinner could do wonders! Try this plan and see what life has in store for you!