Spreading Positive Energy - Day 2

People are what is important so how does a store closing rank high enough to be something that causes a feeling of sadness? When that bookstore is the only big bookstore on the island and holds three years of memories of me with my daughter.

My focus today is on cherishing each and every moment because you never know when it will be your last moment. I didn't know when I hugged my dad the last time that it was going to be my last hug. As I reflect back, I am so glad that I did give him a nice long hug. I remember my daughter saying "Mommy come on" and I remember replying "Mommy knows but Mommy doesn't want to let go". I am so glad I held on those extra seconds because even though I may not have fully cherished it then, I do today.

So yesterday when I knew it may really be the last day I take my daughter to "our" bookstore, I cherished it. She loves the bookstore so much and relishes in being able to play and pick out her own books so I allowed her to have fun to get a great selection of books. Then I treated myself to a couple of running books and bought my husband a couple of history books. As we walked out my daughter asked to be picked up and hugged tight. I held her tight and believe it or not, some tears came to my eyes that these very special moments we have shared are coming to a close. Fortunately, I know there are other fun things we can do but that Borders Bookstore will indeed be missed. And yes, I know it will be open a few more weeks but I don't think I can take her back into a store that is just going to look emptier and emptier. I want her to remember the fun and fully-stocked store!

And as a running mom, I really do cherish each and every run more. I used to be able to run whenever I wanted (within reason) and always avoided treadmill running. Why on Earth would I do that when there is so much to see outdoors? But as a mom, that treadmill running is just as awesome and perfect as running outside. Each long run is a blessing not only because I have the time to do it but because I have the ability to do it.

The Challenge for Day 2:
I am going to begin to cherish each moment, take the time to stop and say hello, take the time to see the beauty in life, and remember, that running is one of the best gifts that has been given to me! And for you, I am going to challenge you to take a pause in your very busy day and really experience and cherish that moment.

Peace and Happiness! Keep on running!