Spreading Positive Energy - Day 1

Personally as a runner, I have learned how to embrace challenges and use positive thoughts and energy to overcome my hurdles. My leg aches, stretch a bit and keep on running. I notice a blister forming during a half-marathon, focus my thoughts on something else and keep on running. Of course, later I will devise a plan to avoid that blister.

I feel these running lessons can be applied to all aspects of life so for the next 9 days I am going to spread the positive energy to the world beyond my run and challenge you to do the same. Why 9? Because I like the number 9. Simple as that. Why now? Because I have been reflecting a lot on life and remembering my day so these 9 days are also in his honor.

The challenge for Day 1:
I live in Hawaii and have communicated with people of various concerns or fears of radioactive iodine getting here. Not to diminish any one's concerns, but today I ask that we remember the families that are truly being impacted right now by the earthquake and tsunami that affected Japan and beyond. My heart goes out to the families in Japan still looking for loved ones. My heart goes out to the mothers and fathers in Japan who cannot give their infants tap water because the radioactive iodine has been detected in the water at levels that could affect the very young. And more importantly, my heart embraces those who are trying to make a difference. Those who are opening their homes to refugees, those who have donated money or time, and those who can't do anything besides pray. So today, I will run 1 mile for those affecting by the tsunami in and out of Japan. I know there are some in Hawaii who are also dealing with loss of property. And as I run I will remember my dad (my angel) and the angels on earth making a difference. Your challenge - be an angel run 1 mile with me.

The meaning behind the orange numbers - orange is the color of leukemia and I will continue to use orange numbers for the next 9 days in remembrance of Dad