The Solitary Runner

Do you ever feel like the only runner out there? At times, I do.

I know of many runners that are fortunate to belong to a running group. I have even looked into the running groups I am aware of in my neck of the woods, but none seem a fit for my life as running mom. At times I even yearn to live somewhere where being a running mom was more of the norm.

But perhaps I am just jumping to conclusions. Perhaps there are more running moms just around the corner and I just don't realize it. Unfortunately, my little circle of friends doesn't include any dedicated runners that would be willing to endure a training run with me for additional support.

Does all this put me at a disadvantage? Honestly, probably not. As a solitary runner I can always go at my pace. And as a solitary runner I need to stay focused, look deep inside, and keep my motivation up. And I find other ways to connect with runners and engage in fun competition during training.

So on a final note, if you are a Nike+ runner, give a call out to Run_Momma in the Nike+ forum or leave your Nike+ screen name below.

Run on!

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