Running Skirt Comparison....and the winner is?

I am new to the running skirt craze and recently bought two brands of running skirts to review.

Model 1: Nike

The design: The running skirt came in a variety of colors and the material is soft and has wicking capabilities to pull sweat away from the skin. The underskirt is a pair of boy shorts. There is a slight vent on each side and beyond that, the running skirt has no bells and whistles. No drawstring, no pockets, no nothing. However, I have read online about a different model that does have pockets for those who are interested but I can't tell you more about that. I did not find that model in a store on-island.

The wearability: The skirt is comfortable and stays put during running. I feel the boy shorts provide nice support to a runner that actually has a derriere. I have done multiple runs in the skirt and am completely happy.

Model 2: The North Edge
The North Edge

The design: The running skirt only came in black in the store I visited on-island but that isn't to say more colors aren't available. The material is very light-weight and enhances a cooling effect. The underskirt is boy shorts. The skirt has a drawstring in addition to the elastic waist, a outer pocket on your back by your waist, and inner pockets on each upper thigh. The logo on the front is reflective but seems to serve no true safety purpose.

The wearability: The skirt is comfortable but doesn't sit smoothly along my curves but that isn't a real factor for running. The boy shorts stay in place but don't seem as supportive as the Nike skirt but still provide ample support. I have done multiple runs in the skirt and am happy.

And which skirt is the winner for me?

I vote for the Nike skirt and not just because I am a lover of Nike products. I really do like the feel and support of the skirt better. I bought The North Edge skirt because I thought I would really like the lighter fabric better but I do not get too hot in the what to appeared to be heavier fabric. I see no need for pockets in my running style and training....at least for now. I do have pockets in my hand-case for my water bottle if needed but I do see how this may be a selling point for some. What is important is to pick what works best for you in your runs even if your choice is to stick with running shorts or leggings.

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