Running from the Monsters

I started my day yesterday with a wonderful 9.8 mile run. I did one of my favorite training runs - an awesome tempo run! I love these runs because I get to push myself after my warm-up. I like the feel of running at a higher RPE and know that doing so is a great way to continually improve my running. I would run these runs even if they didn't have a great training benefit. I ended my run feeling recharged and ready to face the day (oh yeah, and with the normal tired feeling after a great run!).

And then the monsters of the day started poking their heads out. Every one's monsters are a bit different because each one of us has different hurdles we need to face each day, or that each day forces us to face. Yesterday was a day full of monsters leaving me with an overriding grouchy feeling. As much as I told myself that my monsters were little in comparison to other monsters, they kept nipping at my heels. So why wasn't I able to run away from them this time? Why were they still there pestering me after such a lovely run? Well, perhaps if I didn't have such a great run they would have done more than nip at my heels.

The end-result is simple. I asked my husband to pick up a pizza for dinner. Okay, a splurging moment for me that allowed me to skip making dinner. But it was worth the cost - after enjoying my wheat pizza with mushrooms and black olives I did feel better. And I should have left good enough alone - but no, I decided to tackle a couple more orders of business online and those pesky monsters reappeared.

Oh my! It was one of those days. Perhaps you could say it was just the alignment of the planets, or it was my destiny to face these monsters today, or just plain old bad luck. Regardless, I waved my hand over my shoulder, climbed into bed, and said a prayer asking for patience and strength. And as I closed my eyes, I thought of my Dad and could just hear him giving me the much needed advice - "everyone has bad days, everyone has challenges, I had bad days and rough times too. You are doing great and I'm proud of you. Keep up the good work!"

And you know what? That would be something my Dad would have said and I found comfort in the thoughts. I slept great knowing that I will gain some distance on my monsters and that tomorrow is another day, another race.

Keep on running!